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The picture might seem nothing special. Yet behind the story is a miracle. Getting to know T, he was a young homeless man in the park nearby, who never spoke a word in front of people. We began to give him meal boxes. On first glance, he was sitting under the shelter in the park, accompanied with a cat. He had a pigtail hair style. He was gazing at the sky. We took the lunch box and walked slowly toward him. He threw an eye on us. He then gazed at the sky. He did not attend to us. We would like to open the dialogue. He just kept silent.

We continued to bring him the meal box everyday. He responded to us in silence. After one month, I had determined that he was unable to speak, but to my surprise, I had my first amazing dialogue with him. After that, we brought two sets of food for the two “brothers.” Later on, we invited him to live in our Centre, as we had temporary shelter service at that time. He hesitated for a long time because of his “brother.” We fetched a cage for the cat. We invited the two “brothers” to live together in our Centre. However, the little brother disappeared before T was going to move into our Centre, as though T’s guardian angel left now that his task was accomplished…


T lived in the Centre for a period of time and integrated into the Centre life until he left. Even though T got a job, he still wandered on the streets, yet he was more positive than before. We had been hoping to find a home for him but he lacked the drive to find a home again. Finding a home was as though no big difference for a single man. During the pandemic, he came frequently to the Centre to rest in the daytime. After rest, he would help the Center with labour work. One day, when he was done with his busy task, I asked him, “Would you rent a room?” He did not respond. Probably he knew that it was such a challenge to him. Nevertheless, accompanying him to find a room, negotiating the rental fee, and raising the money, it could not succeed if there was one thing unsuitable. But, thank God for His work. It has been done! 

A man, who had taken the park as his home, is now building up his own home bit by bit, drawing a floor plan, getting the furniture, and organizing the bedding. The most amazing is that he bought and put a fragrance of rosemary scent in his room! This is the story of a man without a home, building up his own home again. This home is so important to him, and also to us.    

For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.


Exodus 9:15

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