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Come and Participate

The best way to help is to participate. Mutual participation creates an arena in which true relationships can be built and developed. Our aim is to cultivate an environment where people of all ages and of all backgrounds can come together.


Our greatest hope is that people will come to Saint Barnabas' Society and Home to seek fellowship, to see friends, and to love one another. We invite you to come join us, not only for our organized activities and events, but also just to stop by and meet some new friends.


Come Volunteer

21 Fung Mat Road

Western District, HK


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Call Us

We are looking for food, masks, and other items.

Tel: 852-2548 9056

Let's Make A Change

Here are some more ways you can help:



We welcome schools, church fellowships, small groups, and other organizations to volunteer at our centre. Please contact us for more information. Here are some areas we need your help:

1. Homework Guidance Class, from Monday to Friday, 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm

2. Help out the Kids Learning Club Sunday programme

3. Help out the meal boxes distribution and leisure chatting group 
4. Sort and store clothing.
5. Assist in the preaching of the gospel.
6. Visit homeless people on the streets.

7. Or if you have any suitable ideas or projects in mind, you are welcome to propose them to us.

Donations By:

1) Credit Card or PayPal

2) PayMe (Please leave your contact phone number & email)

3) Crossed Cheque

Payable to "Saint Barnabas' Society and Home"

Mail to: 21 Fung Mat Road, Western District, Hong Kong

4) Direct Transfer to

Saint Barnabas' Society and Home

Standard Chartered Bank A/C:


Please send the bank pay-in slip with donor's name, email address & contact phone no. to SBSH

by email: or

by fax at 2857 6575 or

by WhatsApp at 5576 8486

(Donations over HK$100 are tax deductible.)

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