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Our Services

Saint Barnabas' Society and Home aims to create a caring community. We provide a wide range of services to support the poor and homeless. Those in need can receive food, shelter, and counseling assistance. We organize a variety of activities for Our Friends. We also go out to the community with volunteers. It is our goal to follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ to love and care, to reach out to the poor and homeless, to provide them material aid and spiritual care, and to minister to them. We help to reintegrate them back into society.


Drop-in Centre

The drop-in centre at Saint Barnabas' Society and Home is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and we provide the poor and homeless with meals, hot showers, and recreational facilities.


Outreach Service

We make regular visits to the homeless on the street. We visit those living in Wood Partitioned Rooms, which are crowded dwellings that only allow 25 square feet of living space per household. We help these individuals and build trusting relationships with them through our outreach program.

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Community Education

Saint Barnabas' Society and Home runs various educational programs to the community to arouse the public awareness of the poverty issue. We have developed cooperative relationships with schools, churches, business and other organizations to facilitate a helping network to the needy.

Spiritual Care

As a Christian charity, Saint Barnabas' Society and Home follows the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ to love and care for the poor, and provide them spiritual care and counseling to regain their hope in life. Worship is held every Saturday afternoon and Bible Study is held daily.

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.

Proverbs 19:17


Self-Reliance Projects

We provide job training to Our Friends and they can earn training allowance. Through programs like cooking and pest control, we hope that one day it is possible to “employ the un-employable.”

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