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Secret Garden in SBSH

Grace is a retired SEN (Special Educational Needs) teacher. She has separated from her husband.  Although she has a son and a daughter, they do not meet each other regularly. Many years ago, she had a left knee surgery to treat a bone tumor.  After the surgery, she still has spinal and mood problems. Fortunately, she is still able to walk slowly for a short distance, and courageously serves as a volunteer at Saint Barnabas’ Society and Home (SBSH).

Now, she is living alone in Kennedy Town, just 800 metres from our Centre. All year round, she travels from home to SBSH Centre daily, using a wheelchair to assist.  However, it takes her more than 30 minutes to travel for such a short distance. She has to take several rests on her wheelchair during the short journey.


She is fond of gardening, and is especially proud of healing dying plants. She spends 6 to 7 hours daily in the centre to take care of her beloved plants, sprinkling the plants (instead of shedding tears in sadness) while praying for the plants with faith in God. She has designed a pot that allows the plants to creep along to a cross as a symbol that we need the support and love of God to live abundantly. What an amazing idea!


With God’s blessing, the plants blossom into an enchanting secret garden. The colorful plants and blissful florals comfort her and every service user in SBSH.

Horticultural therapy brings healing to our bodies, minds and spirits. Though she has some physical limitations, she feels better with daily walking exercise and gardening works.


She sets a fresh goal of life with positive attitude and pushes aside her miserable experiences while focusing on her hobby. In the centre, she loves to talk with our staff and other service users by sharing her joy of gardening. This is essential to bring her back to social life. Through gardening in SBSH, she is immersed in God’s Love. She experiences God’s blessing and re-lives her life.


For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.


Exodus 9:15

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