Pao Iok Tou

As a secular person who did not believe in Jesus, what I was pursuing was an ordinary life, wishing to be an ordinary person, doing no harm, and doing my own job well.

I got to know the Bible after I heard the gospel and joined group activities in the church. When I was having surgery, the pastor and parishioners from the church visited me in hospital and at home, expressed their care, and prayed for me, which made me so impressed and touched that I could feel the warmth from the church. Finally, with the support of my daughter, I decided to believe in Jesus. After a series of treatments, thanks to the Lord, I was able to get treatments from the public hospital, which much relieved the financial stress.

In 2018, I came to Saint Barnabas’ Society and Home and joined the Saturday worship and fellowship as well as the Tuesday Ruth group, learning the Bible and knowing God. In 2019, I decided to believe in Jesus as my savior and become the child of God. I wish that I can get into the big family in the church and do my utmost to serve God.

Thanks to the Lord. I was baptized on 1 November 2020. Thanks Ms. Tse and the friends from Saint Barnabas’ Society and Home for attending my baptism ceremony, witnessing to the grace of the Lord, and rejoicing together.

For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.


Exodus 9:15

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