Our Vision

People become homeless or poor for many reasons. We have encountered many, but we have come to realise that they are not only homeless or poor but people who are hurting. Some have broken relationships; some are extremely discouraged by their mishaps in life; many have broken dreams. Others have made mistakes that made their lives a mess. The feeling of loss dominates their hearts and prevails over their strength to struggle through life's obstacles. Year by year, they gradually lose their hope. With hopelessness, they isolate themselves or are isolated by the outside world. They stay away from society, find comfort in street sleeping, and remain aimless to avoid worrying about the demanding world.

Upon further interaction, hard feelings are usually uncovered. Though not explicitly, they would express their wish for a fulfilling relationship. They don't need anyone to judge and criticise them or to tell them what they are doing wrong. (In most cases, they already know that!) They need someone to bring them hope, someone to bring healing, and someone to show God's mercy. They are just looking for a friend, somebody who will be there to encourage them, who will take the time to listen to their stories and to genuinely care for them.

This is what St. Barnabas' is doing: reaching out to them, touching their hearts, and walking with them through their bumpy lives with God's compassion and His unconditional love. We learn this from the example of Jesus Christ's passion for man.

We have the power of loving, because he first had love for us.
1 John 4:19