Sharing of intern, Aaryaman Dutt


         I am Aaryaman Dutt. I study at Discovery College, and I recently worked at St Barnabas’ Society and Home for my service week. I have learnt a great deal about communities outside of the privileged expatriate society that I am a part of. The hard work and dedication with which the staff here work with is inspiring and very moving. 


       I have been helping with clerical and technical work. The facilities here are very good, and there are plenty of them. The Bible readings and the lunches, the haircut services - all of these things form part of the services that St. Barnabas’ Society and Home provides to those in need. The different facilities and the kind, caring people who cater to the needs of the unfortunate help make the organization a well-functioning and productive environment. This community is beneficial to all that are a part of it, and through the service that is being done here, I, as a high school student, feel the urge to help all the communities that I am a part of in whatever little way that we can. The teachings of faith and love are pivotal aspects of the society, and I am very happy to have had this experience.






Sharing of intern, Trevor Li

       I am Trevor Li, a student from Discovery College. I recently volunteered with St. Barnabas’ Society and Home. Throughout this experience I have learnt a lot about the homeless and the unfortunate.


      The organization provides a safe and welcoming home for people, and helps improve their living conditions significantly. The facilities here are very useful, and they provide a large amount of services – including haircut services and bible studies. St. Barnabas’ Society and Home definitely serves as a very positive contribution to the community. We helped create posters and presentations for the organization, and they were generally successful. I enjoyed working here for this week and am very glad to be part of a generous organization that aims to improve people’s lives, and I hope to see what they may aim to strive for in the future.





















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