Sharing of our Friend, Chow How Ling


Thank you Lord that led me to St. Barnabas’ Society and Home to be a volunteer one year ago. I helped with watering and weeding. I am How Ling and I enjoy gardening. Whenever I do the gardening work, I  pray. I can testify that a lot of plants thrive and dying plants eventually bloom under the provision of God’s sunshine and rain.! Praise the Lord!


   Besides gardening, I can feel the bible’s teaching that love our neighbor as ourselves. When I saw that volunteers sweat as they went out to remove fleas or relocate things or to help in the preparation of meals etc., I was very moved. Oh God! I pray that you can bless everyone who come to the centre with their own story and return home with happiness!


  May God bless St. Barnabas’ Society and Home with sunshine and rainfall. With which, we could grow more flourishing flowers and fruits. Amen!





Sharing of our Friend, Yuen Lai Ming


It was my friend who invited me to go to Elim Alliance Church. At the beginning, my attitude towards going to the church was to have feast in the group meetings. However, through the audio visual media and music, I got to know that there was one God in the world. I admitted that I was a sinner and I decided to believe in God.


After letting God come into my life, God always reminds me not to say things that he does not like. I also feel that I am much happier than before.


  Our Pastor’s wife once invited me to go to Alpha courses organised by our Church. She hoped that I could have better understanding in God through the courses. Whether I get baptized or not, it all depends on how what learnt from the Alpha courses




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