Sharing of our Friend, Law Shing Sang

 Skyrocketing rent in exchange for a cramped living space; such malady now prevails among the city, which ends up pushing some people in Hong Kong to sleep in the rough streets, as a last resort to survive


  Three years ago, before moving to the park, Law used to rent a bed in Wan Chai, where fourteen people were living in a 600sq. ft. flat, with poor hygiene, limited privacy and insecurity around personal belongings. The turning point to becoming homeless was when the landlord increased the rent more than double, up to HK$4,800 a month, which was almost his entire monthly earnings. His permanent job working as a cleaner saw him earning less than HK$300 per day, which was topped up with minimal monthly financial assistance from the government.


The Housing Authority had previously offered him a public flat, but then turned down the offer following a sudden refinement in housing policy, which gave people aged 45 or above priority of application. “I was really disappointed.” he said. “The elderly, disabled people and families are always in the top-tier to take into account, to be honest, many singles like me, what we can do is just long for good-luck to end this endless waiting.”


Law turned to St. Barnabas’ Society and Home, and has become a frequent user of their services after receiving unkind treatments from other organizations. This organization not only provides daily necessities and free-meals to homeless people, but more pragmatic support to them, such as invitations to some medical groups who offer free dental services, and encourage them to help others by teaching them pest control skills, to provide free service to grassroots community in Sheung Wan.


(Reported by Cynthia Sin, a journalism student from Hong Kong Baptist University)





Testimony of our Friend, Leung Shiu Wai


 I grew up in a broken family and my adult role models were not good. I told myself I would be the worst man in the world. I did lots of bad things, but I was not satisfied.


I was living in High Street House Singleton Hostel in September last year. At that time, I was the poorest I’ve ever been in my life. I was recommended by the social worker to eat dinner at St. Barnabas’ Society and Home in October last year. I got to know Mr Pun at the centre. However, I did not repent and my drug addictions became more serious.


In December last year, I was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital for emergency treatment. I know that I could not save my life by myself. Mr Pun led me to pray and repented on my sin. God saved my life with His mercy.


At last, I promised God that I would repent and became a new man. I lived my life fully and gave praise to God.


Thank you Lord. Amen.




(Note: the views expressed are only those of the above writers and speakers, and not our views.)