Sharing of our Intern, Lin Szu Yu

It was my great pleasure to listen to the clients’ life stories. As the real-life main character in the stories, each moment was extremely real and vivid to them. It was very real when they were recounting the ups-and-downs, dramatic feelings, happy and sweet moments, and the moments feeling so lonely and shattered. Sometimes the pain was just too deep, and made him/her even feel like experiencing death at the time. There is no way outsiders could ever understand.


When I stood in front of these spirits, I did feel helpless sometimes. I beat myself up for not being helpful enough to them. Yet, I gradually learnt that I was never a helper. Each decision and direction is in their hands. I was just a companion, or a mirror that show them their true selves. When they chose to turn away, I learnt to respect and understand that the pain was just too unbearable at the moment. When they made the very brave decisions to encounter their pain, I learnt to stay there to experience the struggles with them. I kept reminding myself, that God never ceases to bless and take care of their lives every moment outside the counseling room.


No matter if they decided to leave or to stay, I could always see something so clearly in every spirit. God planted the seed of self-help and growth, and the compass leading their ways in each heart. Whenever one decided to take the courage to move on, he/ she can always find the answers from the heart.





Sharing of our Intern, Iris Chao


When the placement coordinator of the University informed me of my practicum site at St. Barnabas’ Society and Home (SBSH), I was thrilled by the challenge.  In the beginning of 2016 when I sought for a practicum site for my internship, I focused on services for children or young adults because I have experience in teaching at Children Sunday Schools. I have also worked with young people in other settings for many years.  Yet God didn’t open the door for my initial plan - He led me walk out of my comfort zone to gain some invaluable experience that I had never imagined.

As a trainee counsellor, I tried to put the knowledge into practice. Our friends at SBSH come from all walks of life – some of them had experienced major events or trauma that led to a difficult life.  What can I do to help our friends to heal their wounds in such a short placement period? I was frustrated in the first few weeks as the skill sets and theories I learnt in the classroom didn’t work out well with clients who don’t talk much.  Then I started to pray for wisdoms, for patience, and most importantly pray for the well-being of each and every client. I believe that God cares!

Ten months experience serving at SBSH changed my perspective on counselling, the interactions with clients also gave me food for thought and reflection. Client-centred is the basic approach in serving our friends at SBSH.  Listening to songs and music, mindfulness colouring, and gardening are great means to build up rapport with clients.  Communication comes naturally when they put their guard down. 


My practicum has come to an end. I treasure every opportunity that the Centre has given me in serving our friends, and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the warm support from all co-workers. 

May God continue blessing this meaningful ministry!




(Note: the views expressed are only those of the above writers and speakers, and not our views.)