Sharing of Pastor Stephen Lam


      Thank you for the leading of God. I have been joining the Men’s Group and Saturday worship of St. Barnabas’ Society and Home since October of 2016. Since then, I got to know our Friend, Tam Man Yip (Ah Yip). Although I did not know him deeply, I gradually discovered his improvements after I kept in touch with him several times. He has begun to trust our staff. He accepts others’ opinions. His personal hygiene has improved. He is more cheerful and always with a smile on his face. He spends more time communicating with others. God is working in the heart of a man. He let Ah Yip join this family and his changes testify God’s love.


        His breakthrough took place this summer, when our staff realized that there were changes in his health. After advice, he was admitted into hospital and accepted to receive medications. He was released from hospital after a month. He was admitted to an elderly home under the arrangement of a medical social worker.


       When he returned to our centre during the 30th anniversary celebration, he looked refreshed and everyone praised for God’ miracle work in him. His changes testified the bible teaching that “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”


      We are with God’s love creation and are unique. The life of everyone is different but if we are like Ah Yip that can find Jesus Christ as saviour, our life would not be in vain.






Sharing of our volunteer, Ricky Ng


    I got to know Tam Man Yip through Minister Wong Wing Tong’s referral. He told me about his state of illness.

      Tam Man Yip’s cervical was crooked because he has been gone through some difficulties in life that led his head bow down. He has seen a doctor and the doctor said that his cervical was degenerated. No medicine can be taken to heal the illness. Only through exercises (physiotherapy) can the condition be improved. Therefore, Minister Wong told me to help him by doing exercises.


    When I met Tam Man Yip, I found that his cervical was very crooked and his head moved up with great difficulties. 

      When I talked with Tam Man Yip, I felt that he was very helpless and with little self-confidence. His condition made him feel very lost. I told him I could help him and improve his cervical condition though exercises. I encouraged him that if he tried his best to do exercises, his cervical problem can be improved. 


      When I followed up his case after several weeks of training, his cervical problem was improved significantly. This made him keep on doing exercises. When continuing doing exercises, his illness can be healed and he can have self-confidence that help him to reintegrate into society. As a result, his life can be brightened up.



(Note: the views expressed are only those of the above writers and speakers, and not our views.)