Drop-In Centre

Currently, our centre is open Tuesday through Saturday. Though small, the centre is a warm and caring community, providing the poor and homeless with meals, hot showers, and recreational facilities. It is a place where friends of similar backgrounds can come together for mutual support and sharing. We also provide relief items such as food, clothing, furniture, and electrical appliances donated by corporate and individual sponsors for families and individuals in need.

There are Bible Study Groups held every afternoon as well as a Saturday Service held in the afternoon for residents and friends of the centre. Recreational activities and festivals celebrations for Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter, and other traditional festivals are organized to cultivate a home-like atmosphere in the centre and to enhance the sense of belonging amongst St. Barnabas'.






Outreach Service

We make regular visits to the homeless on the street. We attend to their practical problems and bring to them the love and care of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We also visit people who live in Wood Partitioned Rooms (WPR). They are dwellings with very poor living standards, crowded in a single flat of building blocks with around 11 households. Each household occupies a small room of about 25 sq. feet. Quite a large population in Western District lives in these WPRs. Most are single or with broken relationships with families. Many are older people. Some have disabilities or adverse social backgrounds. Earning little or relying on welfare, they form the most vulnerable group in our society.

We make regular visits to WPRs on Thursdays and Saturdays. Beginning with relationship building, we take care of some individuals' needs and share the Good News with them. We also meet in small cell groups in which we sing hymns, share bible passages, and pray together.