Photo Albums


Oct 8

The magic show by Group of Golden Oldies was  excited. Our service users were so surprised by the outcomes.





Oct 14 & Dec 16

Evangelical Church of All Blessings hosted programmes and served dinner. They were so helpful that our service users were so grateful.



Oct 18 & Nov 11


Volunteers of Commonwealth Bank of Australia were so skillful in serving meals. They served meals once a month. Our Friends were so familiar with them.




Oct 24


American Women Association sponsored our project and visited centre and help serving meals. We were so thankful for their support.



Oct 25


Givers provided free hair cutting services to our service users. Our Friends all had refreshing looks.



Nov 10, Nov 17 & Dec 1


Kau Yan Primary School served lunch and made musical performances. Their music was so beautiful that our Friends gave them a big appluase. 




Nov 11


Our 30th Anniversary celebration was held on Nov 11. The cake cutting ceremony was so memorable.





Nov 18

 We had two booths at the Central and Western District Carnival . Our Friends won a lot of gifts from the games.





Nov 23


The chefs of Matilda Hospital cooked a lot of food in the Thanksgiving Day. Our Friends found the food was so yammy.






St. John's Cathedral hosted fellowship programmes and served meals. They have a volunteer playing harp. Our Friends found the music so wonderful.




Nov 26


Community Church hosted pre-dinner programmes on Sunday. They taught our Friends to do exercises.



Dec 2


International Christian Association hosted fellowship programmes and served meals. Their performances reminded our Friends the birth of Jesus Christ.



Dec 17


Union church sponsored food and hosted programmes on Sunday to celebrate Christmas. Our Friends were so happy during the celebration.



Dec 31

We went to Lau Fau Shan for seafood lunch during outing. Our Friends found the trip so enjoyable.