Photo Albums


Dec 24

Kowloon City Baptist Church sang Christmas carols and hosted pre-dinner programmes and served meals. Their programmes were so attractive.



Dec 24

Community Church made and distributed hot soup to our service users. Every cup was full of warmth.




Dec 21

Goldman Sachs sponsored meals on Winter Solstice. Link in served meals. The whole night was full of love.




Dec 18

Union Church hosted Christmas celebration programmes . The atmosphere was full of fun and joy.



Dec 17, Nov 26

Evangelical Church of All Blessings distrbuted scarves and hosted fellowship programmes and served dinner. Our service users could feel the warmth in their heart.



Dec 11, Oct 30

Legendary Performance hosted programmes and served meals. They wore costumes. Our service users were so involved in the songs.




Dec 9, Nov 11

Love and Care For the Sick Foundation hosted programmes. They spent a lovely afternoon with our service users





Dec 4 , Oct 2



Solomon's Porch played Bingo with our service users. They felt that the gifts were very attractive.




Dec 3

American Women Association hosted pre-dinner programmes and served dinner.  Our Friends enjoyed the programmes very much.



Dec 2, Nov 11

Kau Yan Primary School brought lunch and hosted programmes. Our service users felt that the food was very yammy.




Nov 25, Oct 6

Island School served dinner. Their uniforms were so smart.


Nov 20

Upbeat Choir sang songs. Their songs were so moving.


Nov 19

There was a game booth managed by our centre in Central and Western District Carnival. The gifts were so attractive.




Nov 16

Givers provided free hair cut services. Our service users waited quietly for their refreshing look.



Nov 13

Volunteers from Golden Oldies Music Group hosted pre-Sunday dinner programmes and served dinner. Their songs were so lovely that all service users were so involved.


Nov 9

Commonwealth Bank of Australia helped serving meals. Their serving skills were so tactful.



Nov 7

International Christian School cleaned our centre. Our centre became very refreshing.



Nov 6

The Hong Kong University students hosted pre-dinner programmes. They mixed with our friends easily.


Nov 5

Church of Living Grace hosted fellowship programmes and served meals. The itinerary was so tight and playful.



Oct 29

MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College students took care of our Friends and chatted with them during fellowship time. The world is full of love.


Oct 29

Our centre installed a booth at St. John's Cathedral Fair. The volunteers from West Island School manned the booth.



Oct 16

Community Church brought meals to our service users for dinner and helped served meals. Our Friends praised that the food was very yammy.



Oct 8

The volunteers from St. John's Cathedral hosted programmes and served dinner. They were so skillful in serving them.