Photo Albums




April 2 & June 4


Solomon's Porch hosted Sunday programmes and served dinner. "We come again. Hope you enjoy the night!"





April 4, 21 & 28

German Swiss International School helped serving dinner. They were so skillful in serving our service users.




April 8


LinkedIn hosted fellowship programmes. "Do you want to sing with me?"




April 12, 26, May 17 & June 14


Commonwealth Bank of Australia helped serving dinner. Their uniforms were so smart.




April 22, May 20 & June 17


Evangelical Church of All Blessings hosted fellowship programmes and served dinner. "Do you want to refill? We love to serve you!"




April 29


St. John's Cathedral  hosted fellowship programmes . They played Monopoly with our Friends. Our Friends really enjoyed it.




May 26


Givers provided free hair cut services. What a refreshing look!




May 27


The Boy's and Girls' Clubs Association (Sheung Wan) served meals and distributed gifts. They helped us do the clean-up too. What a helpful team!




June 5

International Christian Assembly of God hosted fellowship programmes and served meals.  Our Friends gave them a big applause when they started the activities.





June 3


Chinese International School organised free clinic at Central clinic. Our Friends felt very pleased with it.






June 25

Legendary Performance hosted programmes and served meals. They wore costumes. Our service users were so involved in the songs.