How You Can Help

We believe that, more than anything else, the best way for us to help is to participate. Mutual participation creates an arena in which true relationships can be built and developed. Our aim is to cultivate an environment where people of all ages, of all backgrounds, and of all nationalities can come together. Our greatest hope is that people will come to St. Barnabas' to seek fellowship, to see friends, and to love one another. We invite you to come join us, not only for our organized activities and events, but also just to stop by and meet some new friends.

Participation brings mutual understanding.

We organize activities for volunteers to meet with our Friends. Traditionally, volunteers have been the ones who serve, but we believe that, like our Friends, we also have our own problems and stories that are very much like theirs. This relationship is not just a one way beneficiary process, but one that initiates mutual understanding and growth.

Participation brings worth and dignity to our Friends.

Being part of a team, our Friends treasure the recognition and roles in contributing to achieve a common goal. They also relearn their ways of treating others in the joint effort.

Participation brings fellowship.

When a fellowship group is formed, love, acceptance, and healing is cultivated. It is not unusual to encounter conflicts among ourselves during group interactions, but we always turn to God and seek Him for the resolution. Sharing and listening within a group can help initiate a healing process. Many of our Friends have hurt and pain mingled up inside them. They have nobody they can talk to for they do not really trust anyone anymore. Being in a group of people with hearts of compassion and without judgment, one may be lifted of their heavy burdens.

Participation brings witness to God.

Participation is a venue to witness the love of God. Because we were created in the image of God, we have the capacity to experience God's compassion in our hearts and the ability to share it to others. God has placed, in our hearts, the potential to have a kind, caring, gentle, and loving spirit. We have the ability to empathize and to feel what other people are feeling. Our service, whether it's serving a bowl of rice, cutting hair for a street sleeper, or just a friendly visit, all show the love of God through us. The spirit doesn't just remain within us, but passes onto all the ones who witness our acts. Through the involvement of our Friends in our ministry, we facilitate the spread of God's love.